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You pour your heart into your work, and you give your all to those around you. You deserve an established wedding planner you can trust to do the same for you. From developing a deep understanding of your preferences and story at the very start of our journey together—to custom-designing a day that radiates your personality and leaves your family in awe at every turn—I’m here to nurture your vision, shoulder your stress, and create with incredible intention.

Trust in the process. Toast to your love. Tell me everything.

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Hi there, I’m Rachelle,

a wedding planner who leads with heart and rises to the occasion… so you can celebrate your love without limits. 

My love language? Acts of service. As a born nurturer, there’s nothing that brings me joy quite like being of service to you and your family during this once-in-a-lifetime chapter in your love story. I put thought, intention, and my whole heart into every aspect of our work together—because this sliver in time is precious, and there’s nothing you deserve more than to be wildly present for every moment of it.


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At Radiant Love Events, wedding planning is so much more than just, well, planning. It’s intuitively understanding all of those ideas bouncing around in your brain and advocating for the absolute best version of your vision. It’s transforming multiple moving parts into one seamless, singular experience that captivates your guests. It’s knowing just how to bring two families together in a night of pure, unfettered bliss—without you having to micromanage a thing.

If a planning journey rooted in nurturing guidance and unwavering support sounds like the kind of partnership you have in mind—you’ll love the experience waiting for you here.

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The feeling is mutual…

"What we are grateful for the most is her HEART, and how she pours everything she has into her events. She is just a genuinely caring person. I can 1000% say that I had NO WORRIES on my wedding day because of Rachelle. My husband and I were able to happily soak in every moment."

- Tara

With celebrations that have made their way to…

Of all the things that go into planning your wedding, care should be at the top of the list.

It would be my honor to ensure your engagement is seamless and celebratory—and that every last element of your wedding day is extraordinary and intentional.


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Refined wedding planning with heart.





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